Otto Sylt has been in Barcelona since the fall of the wall!

If you’re fans of authentic German frankfurters, quality beef hamburgers and long beer menus, we’re here for you.

Eating at Otto's is like eating in Germany, in true rustic style, typical of a German pub, with its main bar and terrace. Can you spot the difference?

Made a la German

Our frankfurters have a mark of quality: our sausage provider, Max Zander, imports authentic recipes from Germany to the highest standard.

The hamburgers are 100% beef, which will make you scream out ... "Ist guuut!"

Nobody can beat our freshly cooked potatoes, salads made every day and good desserts.

And you'll be in beer paradise!

Beer is king on our menu. At Otto's, you can find over 50 varieties of beer, always served cold! Brrrr! And if this is all new to you, our bartenders will be happy to advise.