German, authentic, traditional and varied. These are the sausages that you'll eat at Otto: made with the best ingredients as Germans themselves do. Our range includes the classic "Otto", spicy if you like it hot, or "Bratswurt Munich" with emmental cheese and delicious crunchy onions, or new sausages such as the "Bockwurst" which is mildly spicy.

Remember too that Otto is more than just sausages! We also specialise in hamburgers, such as the "Münster" with caramelised onions, or fried egg and served with our irresistible "Otto sauce" (It’s a secret), or the "Frikadelle" our most popular battered burger, as well as baguettes and all kinds of homemade desserts (you just have to try the apple pie!).

The star drink is –drum-roll please– the beer. You have more than 50 different types to choose from, in all their varieties: draught, lager, stout ... so that as a beer lover you can try authentische German flavours; every month we add something new!